On The Day

From myself and the rest of the team @ the Blaydon Race we want to wish you all the best of luck on the day. This Iconic race is steeped in local history and tradition and is a unique event in the North East calendar.

The race is organised voluntarily by members of Blaydon Harriers and any money made from the race goes to the running cost of our club. The race is in its 39th year and wouldn’t be possible without our team and club members. A huge thank you also to our sponsors and partners who support the race and help to put on a magnificent event each year.

Good Luck & enjoy ‘gannin along the Scotswood Road’

Dan Flint – Race Director

Course Information

  1. You must follow the instructions of event Stewards, Marshall’s, Police, Red Cross & Traffic Management.
  2. If you wish to drop out the race you must walk on the path wherever possible and continue to the finish. If you are unable to continue a steward will request assistance to get you to the finish.
  3. Please don’t wear headphones. You are unable to soak up the fantastic atmosphere and more importantly, you won’t be able to hear any emergency vehicles or instructions from Marshall’s.
  4. Be respectful of other runners and don’t push your way through especially near the start area. The road widens quickly enough and you can stretch your legs out then.
  5. The race is licensed to UKA and their race rules apply.


  • Race starts @ 7.15pm – Aim to be in town by 6.15pm.
  • You must wear number and fill in emergency contact info (pins required for number attachment).
  • Bus Tickets – £2 Each way.
  • Bag drop buses will be parked at the top of the Bigg Market.
  • Bin Bag or throw away top at start. Warm clothing at the end of the race in case of wet weather or temperature dropping.
  • All Runners MUST assemble on Grey Street before the start. Do not jump over barriers on Collingwood street or you may be stopped from running.
  • We suggest team photos are done outside of the Theatre Royal.

Music and Dance

The ritual singing of the song takes place at the start every year and the Hazel Rayson Dance Troupe perform the Can-Can at the start as well as travelling to the Finish. The unique atmosphere at the start continues during the course of the race and is frequently mentioned by the runners